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Each bundle includes a signed copy of N.L. Shompole's best works.

1. Lace Bone Beast +Released January 2017
2. Phantoms as Euphemisms for Disaster +Released November 2015
3. Heaven Water Blood +Released March 2015

N.L. Shompole's work has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. From her fledgling works in Heaven Water Blood, poetry imbued with raw creativity and imagination, to Phantoms as Euphemisms for Disaster, a collection that strove to push the boundaries of the authors talents and intellect to the most recent Lace Bone Beast: Poems & Other Fairytales for Wicked Girls, recently released to rave reviews. Her latest collection shows the breadth of her talent and skill which led to her most fantastical and luminary work yet. Do not miss out on this limited offer, available for a short time only.

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