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N.L Shompole is a writer, artist and poet. She was born in Kenya where she spent her childhood. Her work is gripping and deeply poetic, whether you are getting lost in photographs from her budding project Modorland, that attempts to show the immigrant story in a new world, or flying through her poetry project as found on her blog Kingdoms in the Wild. Her photographs and paintings have appeared in festivals and galleries all across San Francisco/Bay Area and her writings have been featured in several online and print publications. 

In 2013, Shompole authored a poetry chapbook Cassiopeia at Midnight, featuring 30 spellbinding poems that later evolved into the 2014 yearlong poetry project Twelve Names for December which was featured on her blog. In December 2014 Shompole published her first full length poetry collection, Heaven Water Blood, featuring over 100 poems that delve into the reality of love, loss, war, and hope with vivid intensity and stunning detail.

Blog Kingdomsinthewild.com | Projects Modorland.com